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Political, Issue Advocacy, & Corporate Consulting >>


Unique among the competition, Strategic Image Management is a full-service political consulting firm offering every facet of a 21st century campaign a potential client could imagine.  With over four decades of political experience, Strategic Image Management can meet the needs of any and all political, corporate, and issue advocacy campaigns


HD Television Ad Production & Media Buying >>


Cutting through the clutter of political advertising can be a difficult task – especially as campaigns get closer to Election Day.  That’s why we not only stress innovative messaging, but also smart, efficient, and targeted media buys that maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent on media.


Pre-Roll, Facebook, and Digital Advertising >>


The fastest growing medium to reach specific demographics of voters is the Internet.  From growing social media components to web advertising, campaigns ignore the Internet at their own risk.  Strategic Image Management will help you balance your traditional campaign with the growing use of Internet driven content.


Innovative Persuasion & Fundraising Direct Mail >>


With the advent of 30 second clips, fewer letters, and more junk mail – reaching an audience in mailboxes can be a challenge.  At Strategic Image Management we specialize in high quality, high visibility, and highly persuasive direct mail that incorporate sthe latest technologies and techniques.  From QR codes to matching micro-websites to mail, SIM does it all.


Corporate Issue Advocacy >>


With a background of serving Fortune 500 businesses, Strategic Image Management is uniquely qualified to help corporate clients achieve success at the ballot box or through the legislative process.


Media Relations & Crisis Communications >>


Strategic Image Management brings media experience at the highest level to bear for your company or campaign.  In addition, the staff at SIM is not new to a crisis.  From tabloids to terrorism, the staff at SIM has experience in dealing with national and international media to ensure you come out of any situation better than you went in.


Polling >>


Polling is both an art and a science.  The team at Strategic Image Management brings decades of experience in crafting market and political research questions as well as understanding and interpreting data, crosstabs, and results.  Polling is more than numbers, and with SIM, you get the total package.


Web Design, Marketing, & Social Media >>


In today’s world, your virtual storefront is all any of your customers or voters may see.  At Strategic Image Management, we understand this new paradigm in politics and business.  Whether it is a micro-site targeted at a segment of voters, an action oriented platform for your customers, HD video, or a web presence to impress – SIM can do it.


Logos & Branding >>


Your logo and your brand represent you!  That is why, at Strategic Image Management, our designers put time and research into every project.  Get noticed and get results.


…etc, etc, etc. >>


If you don’t see it listed here, we probably still do it.  So get in touch and ask.  We are happy to help or refer you to someone of quality.

Simply the Best in Professional Campaigns >>

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